5 things to know about creating a homemade candle

You want to make your own candles. Find out the 5 important things to know about homemade candle making before you start.

  1. Choice of your product: Choose your wax carefully because the final result will have an influence. You can opt for coconut wax which is a hydrogenated form of coconut oil. It occurs as a waxy solid with a white color and a neutral odor. This wax makes it possible to obtain a harder candle and a better diffusion of the perfume with a longer duration. Honey wax is like all natural coconut wax but it is more rare and noble, it has a subtle honey smell and has the same properties as coconut wax. However, if you opt for honey wax, you will be limited in terms of fragrance due to the naturally occurring smell of honey. Finally, soy wax is like coconut wax, a hydrogenated form of soybean oil. It is a good alternative to paraffin. It is easier to work with than coconut wax and honey. 
  2. Measure your quantities carefully: Depending on your container, measure the amount of wax you will need because if you make a scented candle and you do not have enough wax, the end result will not be beautiful. The wax may crack, the perfume will be poorly diffused. Generally you need 5 to 10% maximum of perfume. For example, you make a 100ml candle you will need 10ml of perfume maximum. If you exceed this dose, the candle may burn badly.
  3. Respect the temperatures. When you heat your wax in a bain-marie,  depending on the wax the melting point is not the same. Coconut wax and honey have a much higher melting point than soy wax. If you heat your wax too much or too little, there is a risk that the candle will not light, it will crack, or the scent will not diffuse well.
  4. Mix the scent well. Pour your perfume when the wax temperature is 55 °. Then mix the wax and the perfume for at least 3 min and let run. 
  5. Leave the candle in a room at room temperature for at least 24 hours. The longer you let your wax harden, the more cold scent will mix with the wax.


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