How to choose your scented candle ?

More and more trendy, scented candles are becoming more and more popular. Ideal decorative object, they bring life and create a cocooning atmosphere in our interior. There are different sizes, different colors and different shapes. Choosing your candle can therefore become difficult. At CandlesStudio, we advise you to make the best choice.

The choice of perfume

A personal but important choice, the fragrance of your candle must be able to smell both cold and during combustion. It should disperse in the air for the life of your candle. If not, your candle is not of good quality.

Quality wax and wick

Wax, an essential element in the development of a candle playing a role of fuel.

  • Mineral wax, also known as paraffin wax, comes from a complex petroleum refining process. It is therefore not natural, and may represent a risk for your health.
  • Vegetable wax is ecological and natural. It comes from soybeans, rapeseed, or rice, etc. It perfectly reveals the scent of the perfumes with which it is mixed. It burns slower, so your candle will last longer.
  • As for animal wax, it has the advantage of providing good lighting without emitting smoke. However, it is more expensive, rarer and is used less than the previous ones.


The wick, like the wax, is an essential element to take into account. Indeed, the central element of the candle, it conveys the wax towards the flame. Pay attention to the dimensions and the construction.

  • Synthetic wicks are not natural, and are often subjected to chemical treatments.
  • We recommend that you use 100% natural fiber wicks: cotton wicks or wooden wicks. In fact, unlike synthetic wicks, they are not toxic and give better durability and better ignition.

Scented candles from CandlesStudio 

We advise you to favor a scented candle made from 100% vegetable wax, and a cotton or wooden wick. At CandlesStudio , our scented candles are 100% natural and meet current standards. We have chosen to use vegetable wax and cotton wicks without lead or chlorine for a longer duration and better combustion. Let yourself be tempted by our candles.

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