How to integrate fall season in your home decoration

The fall season has arrived and you want to warm your home without having to change everything. Know that it is possible. You only need to add a few elements to your interior to make a big change. But first, a little reminder of the fall colors. Because autumn is a transition to winter. So we forget the bright colors to move towards warmer colors.  The idea is to recall exterior colors like the leaves of trees.  The palette starts with yellow going through red and ending with green. So we put on colorful accessories such as a beige woolen plaid, a mustard yellow velvet cushion. Because yes the mixture of textures is very important to create this warm atmosphere.  To warm up your interior, change your home accessories like curtains, rugs, throws and cushions. Let's start with the curtains, the trend is for enveloping colors such as brown or terracotta as well as earthy tones that evoke a return to nature. For the material, opt for velvet or linen. For the carpet, the trend is towards maximalism, that is to say the large carpet which will occupy all the space. Do not hesitate to choose a rug with patterns and use woven materials which will add a decorative touch. For the cushions, you can make a reminder with your curtains but opt for a different material. Finally, to finish you can add one of our pillar candles or a glass tealight candle to bring a cocooning atmosphere.










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