Mother's day, why offer a scented candle

As Mother's Day approaches, we're often looking for THE perfect gift. "But what gift could Mum make her happy?" This is the big question we ask ourselves every year. Yep, finding a gift for mom isn't easy. But, don't worry, at Candles studio, we've got you covered. We offer a limited edition, a special Mother's Day box.

Why offer a scented candle?

A simple gift that never disappoints! More and more trendy, the scented candle is the trendy decorative item. It gives life to our interior, it creates a warm, intimate and cocooning atmosphere. In addition, it has soothing and relaxing properties that will delight mom. We tell you, the scented candle is THE gift that everyone likes.

Special Mother's Day box: Maman Poule

The Maman Poule is the sweet, touching and devoted mother. Like her, our Maman Poule scented candle, scent of vanilla, macadamia nuts, is delicious and sweet. Its first top notes, vanilla, macadamia nuts will make it want to eat it, while its base notes of caramel and coconut will transport it to the most beautiful beaches in the world. A real olfactory journey filled with love! Our Maman Poule box includes an elegant transparent glass jar, a little note for Mum and flower seeds to plant.

Special mother's day box: Maman Louve

Maman Louve is the courageous, strong and protective mother. Just like it, our Maman Louve scented candle, with its ripe, fig and blueberry scent, is fresh and seductive. Its subtle blend of fig gives a floral and woody touch, while blackberry and blueberry brings a fruity touch to the blackcurrant base. A true olfactory escape fills with love! Our Maman Louve box includes an artisanal earthenware pot, a little note for Mum and flower seeds to plant.

Find our boxes for Mother's Day

Find our special Mother's Day collection: Maman Poule and Maman Louve.


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