Coconut wax, an asset for your scented candles

At Candles studio, we take the time to choose the different components that we use for your scented candles. Indeed, we are committed to offering you healty and natural products, accessible to all. For this, we have chosen to make your scented candles with coconut wax. But what is coconut wax? And what are its advantages?

Coconut wax

Exotic fruit, from the palmaceae family, it can be used in different form. At Candles studio, wue use it as a wax for your scented candles. It is 100% natural, therefore without petroleum, paraffin pesticide, herbicide or even GMO. It is one of the most environmentally friendly waxes sold on the market today.

The beneficts of coconut wax

Bt what are the benefits of coconut wax ? Coconut wax brings sevaral advatages. Indeed, It is one of vegetables waxes it composition is completely natural, and respectful of the environment. It does not spread any harmful substance. It is ideal for your scented candles because its combustion is cleaner and slower, which allows a better diffusion of the perfume. It mixes wery well  with the chosen perfume. Your candles will therefore spread an excellent scent for the greatest pleasure of your interior.

Candles Studio's candles

At Candles studio, our main goal is to offer you natural scented candles, which is quality and accessible to all and at a fair price. And yes, you do not have to spend a lot to consume well.


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