Matcha green tea pancakes: the healthy breakfast

At Candles Studio we love everything that is healthy, natural and good for you, right down to the plate! We looked at matcha green tea, this powder from Asia with many properties. We have included it in our breakfast in order to combine well-being and gluttony. Thus, we take advantage of the properties of matcha powder in a gourmet version. Indeed, matcha green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant which strengthens the immune system and helps fight against cholesterol. But not that, it allows to reduce stress thanks to its soothing virtues. There are many quick and healthy recipes for pancakes made with matcha green tea, bananas, and oatmeal that will give you the perfect start to your day. If you don't drink coffee or want to reduce your intake, matcha is a good alternative. You get the effects of caffeine without the hassle of increased blood pressure, heatstroke and heartburn. When the effects of coffee wear off we feel like we are tired, but not with matcha green tea. Its process allows diffusion of caffeine in the body over a much longer and more lasting period through the creation of L-theanine combined with caffeine. So don't hesitate and embrace it! To go even further in the morning, you can open your windows and spray on some of our Green Tea Essential Oil Home Fragrance for an even more relaxing ambiance.


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