Un week end à Amalfi


For a weekend, we dropped off our luggage in Amalfi, in the south of Italy. We took an overnight flight to Naples. Once at the airport, a driver was waiting to drive us to our hotel. The closer we got to the destination, the narrower the road got and despite the pitch black we could make out the hills reflecting off the water. After 1h15 of driving, we arrived at the hotel NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi. The lights of the streetlights already revealed the charm of this place. The next day when we opened the doors to our hotel terrace, we were overwhelmed by the view. The mix between the sea and the hills, the colorful houses, the architecture, the many fields of yellow lemon ... All these little things immediately immersed us in the Amalfi atmosphere.  We took a boat trip to the small island of Capri. For a few hours, we were mixed with the crowd of tourists in search of this Dolce Vita. Unfortunately for us, she was not there. Nor in our little stopover in the Blue Grotto, saturated with rider gondoliers, ready to do anything for a few euros. Fortunately, our night walk in the cobbled streets made us forget this disappointment. The next day, we left our coast because yes we adopted it, with a feeling of sadness and incomplete.

So when we came back we wanted to find that spirit back home. So we lit a Dolce Vita orange blossom candle, opened the windows to let the little spring wind pass through and we are already back in Italy, but this time at a lower price.

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