The essential : Tea light candles

The team's favorite!

The tea light candle with beeswax without perfume. In addition to being ecological, beeswax has positive virtues on our health. And that to us, we do not say no! Beeswax candles will purify your air, and have a positive effect on your mood. Like us, let yourself be tempted by its modern and minimalist side that will not be lacking in your decor. 

At Candles Studio, we are committed to offering you natural scented candles without phthalates and petroleum. Each of them is designed and produced in our Parisian workshop. For a cleaner and more ecological diffusion, we use vegetable wax, cotton wicks without lead or tin and quality scented essential oils. 

Discover our Tea light candle! 

  • Without perfume
  • Beeswax
  • For a duration of 7 hours