Our philosophy


Candles Studio is not just a brand, it's a philosophy! We are aware of the impact we have, and believe that we all have a role to play. We are committed to offering you scented candles that respect the environment.
To respect the planet, and yours, we have chosen to use wax of plant and animal origin: coconut wax for our cast candles and beeswax for our pillar candles. The advantage is that they are both natural and plant-based (not derived from petroleum), and both enjoy excellent combustion (cleaner and slower). We use cotton wicks without tin or lead for better combustion and better diffusion of the fragrance. Beneficial effects on your health, and for the environment! We also promote the use of organic and recyclable materials.
And since we do nothing by halves, we are not only eco-responsible, we are also a socially committed brand. By adopting our philosophy, you participate in the development of small businesses that collaborate with us and you participate in the development of humanitarian and socially committed associations.

1 product purchased = 1 € donated!
We have decided to get involved with the association Les Amis de la Maison Rose. It provides humanistic and humanitarian aid to children in vulnerable situations and / or victims of violence in West African countries. Supporting the association means participating in the development of care, access to health care, and training for all in a world where inequalities towards women are becoming more and more victims. To know more...