Coconut wax tea light candles (fragrance free)

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The Fragrance-free coconut wax tea light candle, it's a set of 6 tea lights cast in glass containers for better light diffusion. Lasting about 7 hours, they are ecological, 100% plant-based and ideal for creating a zen and relaxed atmosphere within your interior. 

  • Without perfume
  • Coconut wax 
  • About 7 hours

Available from September 6!

At Candles studio, our candles are specially designed for create a cocooning and warm atmosphere, for meditate or just for perfume your interior. Place it on your order, at the foot of your bed or even on your coffee table, it will distill a soft comforting scent, we guarantee it.

We are committed to offering natural scented candles, phthalate-free and petroleum-free. Each of them are designed and produced in our Parisian workshop. 

PFor better use of your scented candles, let your candle light for a minimum of two hours.

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